The Art of Communicating with Your Animal Companions

Want to form a more connected bond with your animal companion? One of the most profound ways is to learn to communicate with them and speak their language. From my experience all animal species communicate through telepathy using their minds, thoughts, and feelings to convey a message.

Once you have trained your mind or your intuition to receive messages they may take many forms. Animals communicate in pictures, feelings, emotions, and concepts. You can then translate these inner impressions in ways that we (and other humans) can understand.

Translation and trust are the two biggest obstacles in addition to training yourself to quiet your mind in order to receive messages. Translation is tricky because words, images and feelings can be translated several ways. For example you may get an image of a horse grazing in a meadow and assume that he or she is hungry and would like food when the reality is that the horse is simply showing you what he or she is doing at that moment. Trust can be a challenge because when you are a beginner you may not always trust or understand what you hear. It still happens to me and I’ve been communicating with animals for 15 years.

The most important thing to remember is to have patience and compassion as you’re learning this new skill. It takes time and practice but your intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it will get. Second, believe in your heart that you have the ability to communicate with animals. Everyone can. It is not just for the gifted so give it a shot!! Your animal companion will love it and the reward is a stronger bond and a deeper sense of connection and love for both of you!

The Basic Steps of Animal Communication

  1. Clear your mind -In order to receive messages you must learn to clear and quiet your mind and keep it cleared. Begin by practicing meditation. Get comfortable in a quiet place that is free of distractions. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and rhythmically. Then focus on connecting with your animal.
  2. Visualize a stream of energy from your heart to theirs. Feel your animal connecting to you. Sense the flow between the two of you. Don’t force things, just let it unfold. Your only goal is to quiet yourself and keep your mind clear.
  3. Being Specific -Some animal communicators suggest asking permission for example asking your animal if you can talk to them. I generally just focus on the animal, clear my mind, ask the question, and wait to hear the response. Be patient, it can take time for a response. So keep your mind clear while you are waiting. And remember to trust what you hear.
  4. I find that it’s helpful to sometimes keep pen and paper near to jot notes. But when you’re beginning that will break the connection to your animal companion. When you are done communicating you can thank your animal companion for sharing their feelings. (I usually forget to do this step.)
  5. And remember, don’t get discouraged if nothing happens. Just keep practicing!!!

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