Four-Legged Wisdom

Award Winner of Southern California Book Festival, ELit Book Awards and Animals Animals Animals Book Festival

Four_Legged_Wisdom_by_Dobie_Houson_book_cover-232x300Our companion animals are complex, sentient creatures who feel love, pain, and joy and are as invested in their life goals and life direction as we humans are invested in ours. In this award-winning book, the author, an animal activist and animal communicator, beautifully illustrates how we learn from our animal companions and how our lives are enhanced by their presence.

Written to raise funds for animal rescues and sanctuaries, these stories show us that animals can be our wisest but often our most overlooked and misunderstood teachers. Journey into the hearts and minds of these amazing animals and learn the valuable roles they play in their human’s lives. These remarkable stories are about partnership, humor, healing, life, love, and needing one another. This book will touch your heart and open your mind to the gifts and lessons our animal companions bestow upon us every day.

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