About Animal Communication

animal communicationDobie Houson began communicating with animals more than nineteen years ago when her friend and teacher, Jill Estensen, showed her it was possible.

Dobie says, “When you quiet your mind and focus your energy, you can teach yourself to connect and communicate with your animals on an intuitive level using their form of language: telepathy. Telepathy is one of several intuitive abilities. It’s like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. While some people view telepathy, or the ability to connect on the intuitive level and communicate through thought, as rare or unusual, it is a trait that each of us possesses.  The more you practice, the easier it gets. Give it a try! Your animal companions will be delighted! And remember, even if you can’t hear them, they will always hear you.” Here’s a link to an article I wrote that provides step-by-step directions!

Below are some testimonials from people I’ve worked with.

“I have had the honor to work with Dobie over the years on several animal related issues. She has helped me gain insight into the hidden lives and thoughts of my charges, in particular my horse who presented a real problem to me. By tuning into his thoughts and communicating with both of us, she was able to guide us both back to a healthy companion relationship. She is a gifted and caring communicator and I am proud to say my mentor.” —Eunice Parisi-Carew, Ed.D.

“I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first. I’d never personally known anyone who claimed to be able to communicate with animals. But after reading Dobie’s book, I became curious. Actually, I became envious. Dobie assured me that anyone could do this and that the key to success is just a matter of working at it, like building a muscle. She coached me and encouraged me. And it’s working! I’ve begun to communicate with my dogs, and I can see the positive changes in our relationship. Thank you, Dobie!” —Victoria Mack, Editor

“Dobie has been a trusted friend and confidante for years. I turn to her often to seek advice and her intuitive perspective in regard to issues I am facing. When one of my dog’s was in failing health, Dobie was able to connect with her and let me know what her needs were. And when two stray puppies wandered into our yard one day, it was Dobie who allowed us to realize that they were the reincarnated spirits of our two beloved labs we’d lost.” —Rebecca Elliot, Teacher.

“I have often turned to Dobie to help me figure out the horses I work with. Sometimes, I needed help diagnosing an injury issue, as I simply couldn’t pin point the origin. More often, I needed assistance diagnosing an emotional issue, that interfered with the training process. Dobie was always right on, often confirming and putting into words what I had suspected already.Although I and most of my clients were skeptics at first, it was hard to deny her ability when time and time again she would diagnose a physical issue only to have it confirmed by a vet the following day. I greatly appreciate Dobie’s abilities to communicate with animals and her selfless willingness to help every time I ask. It has helped me to be a better, more effective horse trainer.” —Dagmar Hoffman, Professional Horse Trainer

“I’ve turned to Dobie numerous times for assistance in understanding a particular dynamic or behavior in my animal companions. Her intuitive advice and ability to tune into my three rescued dogs has given me greater clarity about their needs and desires. I appreciate her sensitivity, candor, and the non-judgmental way in which she shares information and it was especially helpful for me in my interactions with my 19 year old terrier in his last days in our long relationship.” —Dana Kyle, Director of Internal Communications

“Dobie’s clarity of purpose leaves no room for doubt or fear. This lack of doubt and fear make it easy for others, whether they be human or other life form, to hear Dobie and respond to her. Dobie’s clarity and direct approach dispel confusion. I witnessed this with my own cat, Tiger. Tiger, who generally maintained distance between himself and others, approached Dobie and began communicating with her. He trusted her because she trusted herself and allowed the communication to flow between herself and him.” —Rev. Jill Estensen, M.Msc.

“From hard-core skeptic to confirmed believer was only the beginning of my journey with Dobie into the world of telepathic animal communication. She was introduced to me as a potential adopter for my favorite foster, a male German Shepherd who had endured an abusive past. The moment I introduced him to her, I sensed in him a rare trust and acceptance. But never could I have imagined that she would begin to open doors of understanding and become a conduit for communications and sensitivities between myself and the five animals within my home. Time and again, I looked for inaccuracies or holes in the messages Dobie shared about my animals, but there was no denying that her insights into their needs and feelings were accurate and were having a quality impact on the atmosphere in our home. I will forever be grateful to Dobie for opening my eyes and heart to this powerful phenomenon.” —Connie Kopf, Hospital Administrator